beatles-valentine-day-special-valentine-boxOver at our sister internet radio station, The AIR, we are replaying the entire marathon presentation of the February 2, 2018 marathon “With A Little Help From Our Friends” concert, where Rubber Sould performed over 200 Beatles songs Saturday, February 17.  We originally aired this on Valentine’s Day, but are too lazy to update the graphic at right.

You can listen at The AIR website, or right on this embedded player…

If you want to find a rundown of who sings what, when, go to THIS LINK, which has the full playlist as we broadcast it, with breaks for each hour, and all of the dozens of guest performers listed after each song.

This was an incredible event, and we are pleased to have been able to document it and rebroadcast it to you on The AIR. The show starts at 7 AM and runs until 8 PM.

Rubber Soul is Mark Scarpelli, Greg Hunt, Michelle Toliver, Brian Holstine, Bryan Flowers and Garret Maner, and they should take a bow. This was a remarkable achievement, and a splendid time was had by all.