Above you see the 82nd episode of Radio Free Charleston. This one’s called “I Love NY Shirt” and features a sweet country tune by Jonathan Glen Wood, two songs from the CYAC musical, “The Blob” (Opening this Thursday at The WVSU Capitol Center Theater) and some very disturbing short films.

You also still have time to enter The First Great Guitar Giveaway courtesy of RFC and Route 60 Music. You could walk away with a beautiful, gold Danelectro 1963 Reissue Guitar. Entering is as easy as sending an email. Watch the show for details. (The contest is now over. Do Not Enter!)

Host segments were shot behind Sam’s Club at Southridge. There’s no real reason for that, other than it being a good excuse to have lunch at Red Lobster.

We recorded Jonathan Glen Wood in Davis Park during FestivAll. Jonathan was accompanied by Jenny Alinder on fiddle, and brings us a great country ballad, “Waiting For You To Call.” The first time we featured Jonathan, back on episode 52, he was performing solo, coincidentally enough also in Davis Park (but facing the other direction). A few months later, on episode 58, we had Jonathan on as a member of the now-sadly-defunct Lonely Town. We hope to have Jonathan back on the show soon.

Our other musical numbers originate from the Contemporary Youth Arts Company production of the Dan Kehde/Mark Scarpelli musical, “The Blob,” which opens Thursday at the Capitol Center Theater on Summers Street. This a fun musical, based on the campy cold-war horror movie favorite. If you liked “Little Shop Of Horrors,” you’ll love “The Blob.”

From the show, we feature the opening number, “Duck And Cover,” which showcases most of the cast, and spotlights Nik Tidquist, Aaron Crothers and Maddie Gourevitch. This is a catchy, energetic tune that sets the tone for this over-the-top show.

Over the end credits, you’ll get to hear The Blues Girls (the Greek Chorus that ties the show together) performing “Are We Alone.” This is a beautiful little song that is reprised several times throughout the production. I can’t recommend this show enough. Go see “The Blob.”

Other features on the show this week are a little off-kilter.

From The Plant Ro Duction Society For Animal Husbandry And Mineral Wifery comes “Elephant Reacts To A Nasty Peanut.” I am told that the scenes of destruction in this short are not all genuine. Apparently the fence and some of the cars are computer-generated.

Our animation is provided by The National Association For Seal Walrus Love Acceptance. I realize that NASWA is a controversial group, but I didn’t have any other animation to use this week.

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget to enter the First Great Guitar Giveaway. Time is running out. Look for our next show in seven days or so, then we’re taking a couple of weeks off to work on this year’s Halloween special.