Radio Free Charleston episode 62 is back online! This installment, from March 2009, featured music from Tofujitsu (That’s Sean Richardson and Karen Allen) and The Bible Beaters. We also brought you a trailer for Butch Maier’s “The Bride & The Grooms,” which debuted at Park Place Stadium Cinema in April 2009. Our animation is vintage stuff, with a cow rescuing two ducks from a racial stereotype.

Host segments were shot on an unseasonably hot Monday afternoon in March. This show is called “Action Comics Shirt,” and this episode is notable for me completely screwing up the title of Tofujitsu’s song–totally. I misidentified it even while editing and mixing and introducing it. The song in this show is “Pop Up,” and it is a lovely song, but it’s not “Clap On, Clap Off.” That was the song I was supposed to include in this episode.This is worth noting because it set up a very elaborate series of gags in the next episode, which we will bring back next week.

You can find the sort of original production notes (with a tacked-on apology) right here!