1897973_832279336798610_1068796603_nGood lord, this weekend is packed with way the heck too many events for one person to attend. You’d better fire up your backyard cloning machine so you don’t miss anything.


Free Music includes Cousin Larry at Bruno’s on Leon Sullivan Way, starting at 9 PM. Before that, at 7:30 PM at Taylor Books you can hear Cadyn Valencia and Dina Hornbaker. We just caught Dina last night for the first time and were mightily impressed. Look for her on a future episode of RFC. Both of these shows are free of charge.

Later, for the price of admission, there is music all over town.

Detroit’s Silent Lions will hit The Boulevard Tavern, along with Sly Roosevelt and longtime RFC buddies, Tofujitsu at 9:30 PM. Five bucks is all it takes to get in the door.

988424_607679052601633_927267892_nAt 10 PM recent RFC guests, Snakebox, plus future RFC guest, Beggar’s Clan and Huntington’s My City will invade The Blue Parrot, also for a five-dollar cover.

Across town at The Empty Glass, Roanoke’s Black Mountain Revival will entertain, along with recent RFC guest, Sheldon Vance and Travis Egnor and the Horsetraders. The cover is seven bucks. The start time is 10 PM.


The big event is a fundraiser to benefit survivors of the recent water crisis. We go to the event page for details…”A group of local artists and concerned citizens have united to create a unique fundraiser, H2OMG!, to benefit the survivors of the WV water crisis. H2OMG! will feature a fashion runway show, pop-up store and live music with all proceeds going to support the WV Clean Water Hub.

“Businesses such as Cornucopia, Stray Dog Antiques, Collage, Black Sheep Burrito and Cafe Cimino are uniting with visual, fashion and performing artists to bring attention to this worthy cause. Attendees may have a cocktail, enjoy the runway show, listen to live music from Snakebox, and peruse a wide variety of artist-created goods at the on-site pop up shop. All runway clothing will be available for sale in the shop.”

Details are in this graphic.


The RFC cameras will be on hand at Kanawha Players Theater, where Project Biscotti’s Rock and Roll Theater returns with musical anarchy and coolness. The doors open at 5:30 and the show, which only costs five bucks, runs until whenever.

1941342_10201400721284760_1212106202_o (1)

Free music includes Lovejoy and The Killjoys, who just made their debut Thursday night in front of the RFC cameras, performing at Taylor Books from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Robert Shafer and Matt Lindsey will flatpick their way into your hearts at The Blue Grass Kitchen at 7 PM. Renegade Mary performs for free at Redneck’s Bar and Grill in St. Albans at 9 PM. There will be a free open mic, hosted by Jarod Mallory and The Cross country Pickers at Crumbpeckers, also starting at 9 PM.

Not-free music sees Freaktent Jr. teaming up with From The Future for five bucks at The Boulevard Tavern, starting at 9 PM. David and Valerie Mayfield bring bluegrass to The Empty Glass at 11 PM, with a seven dollar cover. The Blue Parrot plays host to The Band Known As Hoboclay.com, as seen in this picture…


…five bucks gets you in.


Cool all-ages music happens at Dunbar Lanes, featuring RFC guests South Park Enterprises and Miniature Giant. Check out the details here.


Later, in a decidely NOT all-ages show, Mason Dixie Burlesque stops at The Empty Glass at 10 PM. Tickets are $10, but you can save a bit by getting them in advance.