This week we bring back one of the most powerful musical episodes of Radio Free Charleston.From June, 2009, RFC’s 73rd episode, “Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Movie Shirt” was shot around downtown Charleston with street art in the background, and it featured music from OVADA and The Limbs. We also have a Plant Ro Duction Mini Movie.

In the background of this show, you will see part of the “Coming And Going” art installation by Mark Wolfe, and “Celebrate,” by Amy Williams with Chris Dutch. Mark’s work features life-sized black-and-white photos of some of Charleston’s most notable people (and one schlub you can see at Taylor Books). “Celebrate” was an evolution of Amy’s “Press 2 For Spanish” street work from 2008, expanded now to include Italian and Arabic. You’ll see those peeking over my shoulder and around my back in the host segments for this pre-FestivAll show.

The dynamic music is from Ovada, a collection of great musicians from Parkersburg, and from The Limbs, a one-man-band from Denver and is considered by many to be a high point from our first 100 episodes. You can read the original production notes HERE.