TheGoodiesIt’s been five years since I wrote about The Goodies in PopCult, and in that time, the original videos I posted were taken down, and boatloads of other full episodes have been posted. So, to revisit it,

The Goodies were a trio of UK comedians/musicians (Tim Brooke-TaylorGraeme Garden and Bill Oddie), who created, wrote, and starred in a bizarre comedy series  in the 1970s and 80 that combined elements of Monty Python with The Monkees and lampooned the sitcom format.

All three members of the troupe were contemporaries of the members of Monty Python in the pre-Python days of The Cambridge Circus, and in various combinations, they worked in such proto-Pythonian programs as “At Last The 1948 Show,” “Do Not Adjust Your Set” and “The Frost Report”  before forming the Monkees-like rock group and TV show, “The Goodies.”

Though not widely known in the US (the show was only carried briefly on PBS in the 70s) there is a loyal fanbase.  Above you see “Kung fu Kapers,” while below you see “South Africa,” which pokes Pythonesque fun at Apartheid.