er02In honor of our two recent Beatles Tribute shows on Radio Free Charleston International, this week the RFC Flashback returns with episode 81 of Radio Free Charleston, “Abbey Road Shirt.” From September 2009, this was our second tribute to the Beatles (the first was back on episode 28) and it featured performances by Rubber Soul, Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen, and an animated video by Under The Radar plus some animated coolness and other stuff. You can read the original productionnotes HERE.

Your PopCulteer is at JoeLanta and The Great Atlanta Toy Convention this weekend, but you should expect a bonus PopCult Toybox from Toy Fair Sunday as we look at cool stuff coming up from Mezco Toyz. Next week you’re going to get buried under videos from Toy Fair and Atlanta, as the PopCult video factory goes into overdrive.

This show was produced and scheduled before we learned of the passing of Sir George Martin, the producer of most of the Beatles albums. We dedicate this program to “the fifth Beatle.”