WORD ASS CARTOONS 01Tonight on Word Association with Lee and Rudy on Appalachian Independent Radio talk turns to Saturday Morning Cartoons, and the topic is so vast that it requires the very first two-part episode of Word Association. Once Luigi rang, it was decided to continue on, reset our little Italian Chef kitchen timer, and do another half-hour on the topic.

Lee and Rudy attempt to address the entire history of Saturday Morning Cartoons in two thirty-minute programs, and barely scratch the surface. It’s a bit of a mess, but they mess it all up in an entertaining fashion. That’s at 8 PM Friday night. You can tune in at the AIR website or listen to it in that handy little widget floating above this paragraph.

Word Association with Lee and Rudy can be heard Friday nights at 8PM, with replays Satruday at 1:30 PM and Sunday at 9 PM.

Don’t forget to tune in next week for part two!