collageFor the next few weeks, instead of remastering some of our “missing” episodes of Radio Free Charleston, we’re going to get into the spirit of the season and re-present our classic Halloween shows.

This week we’ll look at the Halloween specials from our first three years. You will see classic RFC performances by Clownhole, Whistlepunk, half the Pistol Whippers, Lil’ Guy from South Park Enteprises, Big Money, Go Van Gogh, Under The Radar, and more, plus all sorts of scary animation and guest appearances. Next week we’ll bring you even more RFC Halloween Madness, including what many people consider our finest show.


Our first two-parter, now combined into one show. See Rudy Panucci get killed and resurrected as a ghost.


Recorded at a Halloween Party at Capitol Roasters (RIP). Music from Big Money and Lil’ Guy.

We had so much fun that, for April Fool’s Day 2009, we did Part Three!