RFC-logoThis weekend marks the tenth anniversary of the video version of Radio Free Charleston.  Officially, July 4, 2006, was our debut date.  Unofficially, the show was online a few days before that, but who wants to be a stickler for details?

You may have noticed that the Radio Free Charleston video program has been on a bit of a hiatus since January.  This has been primarily due to my recent adventures in the worlds of medicine and my diagnosis of myasthenia gravis.

rfc-logo.pngHowever, Radio Free Charleston will continue as a video program and a special tenth anniversary show will combine at least one new musical performance with a brief retrospective of our ten year history of chronicling the Charleston music and arts scene.  The original plan was to have that show ready for the 4th of July, our official anniversary date.  Since we intended to shoot some of our host segments last weekend at Haddad Riverfront Park and last weekend Haddad Riverfront Park was under about ten feet of water, we decided to wait until later in the month to produce this show.

RFC 100 H 03After our 10th anniversary show, the Radio Free Charleston video show will continue, but probably no more than once a month, with the occasional RFC MINI SHOW sprinkled in as time will allow.

You will still be able to get your weekly dose of Radio Free Charleston every Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM on The AIR.  A lot of my energies have been focused on The AIR, the internet radio station of which I am now co-owner, and I have to say, it is much less labor intensive than producing the RFC video show.  In the time it takes me to shoot, edit, record, assemble, and render a twenty minute video program, I can produce about ten hours of radio programming.

But the visuals are really important and so we will not abandon RFC as a video entity.  To mark our tenth anniversary, today we bring you the very first episode of Radio Free Charleston and for the foreseeable future, the RFC Flashback will present the original episodes of Radio Free Charleston in order each week, right here in PopCult.