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RFC Video Week: Day Three, Whistlepunk

Getting us over the hump in RFC Video Week is one of the most popular tunes we’ve had on Radio Free Charleston, Whistlepunk with “Satellite.” 

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Whistlepunk has been on Radio Free Charleston five times, with three slightly different line-ups. 

The first two times, on episodes one and seven, they were a trio, Spencer Elliott, Dan Jordan, and RFC Big Shot Brian Young.  When they appeared on episode 20, singer Karen Allen had joined, and brought an entirely new dimension to the group.  As a four-piece, Whistlepunk also appeared in episode 26Sean Richardson also appeared on that episode, and shortly after that he joined the band as a percussionist.  You can see the full band at its current strength during the end credits of episode 29, this year’s Halloween show, which was shot at a Whistlepunk concert

There’s actually more to the story than that.  Brian Young, one of the key players behind the scenes at RFC (we wouldn’t have a show without him) has appeared on the show not only with Whistlepunk, but also as the drummer for Three Bodies and Mother Nang (which also featured Whistlepunk’s Spencer Elliott).  Brian also was the live-action model for Stephen Beckner’s animated cartoon “Can You Dig It?” which we showed in episode 16. You can see that one again Saturday night as part of the RFC retrospective.  Brian can also be seen in the background of the Go Van Gogh video “Stripes With Stains” that we showed in episode 19.  He can be heard talking from behind the camera in episode 26, which was guest-hosted by his daughter, Cadence.  Brian has been a big part of Radio Free Charleston, both in front of and behind the camera.

And Sean Richardson is no slouch either.  Sean was on episodes two and ten as a member of the Sleeping Dons.  Then he contributed the award-winning short film “Unicorns Do Exist” to episode 21. In episode 26 he came on the show as a solo artist, and in episode 29 he appeared as a member of Whistlepunk.  On top of that, Sean promoted the Leigh Bowlin Cancer Support Fund benefit concert from whence we harvested songs by Comparsa in episode 27 and TheVooDoo Katz in episode 30.

Dan Jordan, in addition to his five appearances with Whistlepunk, was also a major part of episode 23, the reunion show featuring his old band, The Feast Of Stephen

Coincidentally, The Feast Of Stephen Reunion Show was shot on May 12, the same day that we shot the video for….”Satellites” by Whistlepunk. 

See, this was all going somewhere, after all. 

Dan pulled double-duty that day (as did Brian Young, who drummed in the afternoon and ran sound in the evening, and your’s truly, who ran camera and jumped around like a maniac all day), playing bass with Whistlepunk in the daylight, and TFOS after dark.

That day was part of an amazing week for me, which you can read about right here and here. An even more in-depth description of that night can be found at my Myspace blog.

But for now, enjoy the video.  Don’t forget to come out Saturday night at the La Belle and see this on the big screen.  Scroll around PopCult for more details.  Later today, I’m gonna make you listen to me play drums.

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