NAR log 108RFCv3 #25

This week on Radio Free Charleston at New Appalachian Radio we’re going to play you some ROCK BLOCKS. After our first set of random cool new music, the rest of the show will consist of four-song blocks from some great local artists.

Some of you may remember that back in the olden days of Rock 105, they’d play ROCK BLOCKS with two-to-four songs in a row by the same artist. I have a little bit of fun with that idea this week. I have fun with the reverb, too.

You can listen to Radio Free Charleston’s streaming radio incarnation at 10 AM and 10 PM on Tuesdays (and again at midnight Thursday) at New Appalachian Radio, part of Voices of Appalachia. If you miss it, check our the archives for previously-aired shows. You can also listen to Radio Free Charleston Saturday at Midnight. Saturday, RFC airs for six hours, starting at midnight. This week is even special and stuff. Read to the bottom to find out why.

We kick off the show with a really diverse set of tunes from different acts…

Byzantine “Agonies”
Talented “Put Ya Gloves On”
Crystal Bright and the Silver Hands “Firest of Dreams”
QiET “Cosby Sweater”

1962667_777558045589217_1061937308_nOur first ROCK BLOCK is from The Company Stores, who just filmed a cool-looking new video which they will debut at Timothy’s on May 15.

The Company Stores

“Street Corner Blues”
“Dear Universe”
“Pocket Change”

Highway Jones is no longer with us as a band. They featured songs written by Phil Perry with lead vocals from Scott McCracken plus musical support from Darren and Derrick Kirk, Bill Holstien, Brian Holstine and more fine folks. These songs come from an album recorded back in 1998, but they still sound fresh

Highway Jones

“I Get Numb”
“Cigarettes and Liquor Stores”
“Beautiful and Grace”
“Gimme Back My Radio”

From here we dig into the Bluegrass instruments-take on modern songs sound of Total Meltdown. This audio is pulled from a live video shot in Logan.

Total Meltdown

“Bad Bad Leroy Brown”
“Country Roads”
“Wake Me Up When September Ends”

Next we have our old buddy, Andy Park.

Andy Park and the True Lovers

“I Got Some Swag”
“Black Chicken”
“A Little Attention”

191336_10150131589622983_7007005_oAnother RFC guest who had the third RFC MINI SHOW to themselves is Zeroking, with our first dose of metal this week. You can see Zeroking live this Friday at the Beach Shak Bash at The Blue Parrot.


“Dead Rock Star”
“Love Is Dead”
“Girls of California”
“Showtime Revolution”

Our second dose of metall-y goodness comes from Hillbilly Deathride.

Hillbilly Deathride

“I Am”

To take us out this week we have two songs by Tape Age. You may have seen this band on this week’s RFC MINI SHOW, and you can see them again later this month. These songs were recorded the same night as this week’s RFC MINI SHOW, and you might see videos for these in a week or three on a full-length Radio Free Charleston.

Tape Age

“Tell me Why”
“You Need Me To Need You”

That’s it for this week’s streaming Radio Free Charleston. This weekend, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the final episode of the broadcast incarnation of RFC, we’re going to bring you our two-part local extravaganza during our all-night Saturday RFC Power Block. More details on that will turn up in this week’s PopCulteer.