Image1This week on The RFC MINI SHOW we feature Tape Age, recorded in their first public performance at The Empty Glass, May 1, 2015. Currently a duo, Sam Scholten and Dave Roberts perform “Worst Day of My Life” and “Ocean Going.” I was really impressed by this band, who are based in South Charleston and Louisville, KY. They take turns commuting to rehearse.

While this is a new band, I’ve known these guys for years. I met Sam way back at LiveMix Studio with his late wife, Lisa Rush (who co-wrote “Worst Day of My Life) and Dave is the drummer for half the bands in town. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but he has been on three of the last four RFC shows. The music is smart, complex alternative-influenced rock. I want to thank the guys for letting me use footage from this performance, since it was a last-minute fill-in gig and they’re still working out some kinks. I thought they sounded fantastic already.

In the coming weeks you will have several chances to see more of Tape Age, quite probably with a third member on board. May 15 the band will perform at The Cartef for an all-ages show with three other bands. May 29 sees the band take a big stage that I will tell you about once I get the all-clear from the powers that be. We’ll let you know about their other upcoming shows here in PopCult.