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Scaring Your Pants Off

After our adventure on Capitol Street, your PopCulteer and his lady zombie-walked over to The La Belle Theater to take in the wonders of The No Pants Players Scaretacular!

The No Pants Players are, of course, West Virginia’s ultimate Improv comedy troupe, and four of them–Jeff Bukovinsky, Mandy Petry, Duncan Stokes and Joe Wallace–helped make the RFC Halloween show one of the best we’ve ever done.

To the right you seen Stuart and Adam, two of the newest players, recreating a scene from the terrifying movie, “Dirty Dancing.” After the jump you can check out more of the merriment and bear witness to some of the fine costumery on display.

NPP’s Tony Slack, and his awesome home-made Ghostbusters Outfit.

We had to check out the detail on the Proton Pack.

A Zombie Gypsy, Carmen SanDiego and two Ghostbusters walk into a bar…

My “Big Buddy” kids, Jeff Bukovinsky and Mandy Petry.

This is not the “Princess Leia/Nurse Chapel” fantasy that most nerds have. For one thing, they rarely include Run DMC. For another, in most nerd fantasies, Leia is not a dude.

Funnier without a caption.

In the audience, RFC faves and winners of the “Best Couples Costume” prize, Jonathan and Laura, AKA Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen.

The awesome dance moves of Jason Dunbar.

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