After Adamfest and a great afternoon artist party, Melanie and I went home to complete our outfits–Melanie as Zombie Gypsy (she was planning to be Zombie Carmen, but the weather put a dent in her elaborate hair plans) and me as Zombie Billy Mays (seen at right). We then headed up to Capitol Street and Taylor Books for the second Clementines Halloween show with their guests Option 22.

This is the second year for this holiday collaboration between Douglas and Casi of The Clementines and various elements of Riff Raffery.

The music was cool and the costumes were artful, and we would have stuck around longer if not for the No Pants Players Scaretacular. Click on the “read more” link to see what went on at Taylor Books on All Hallow’s Eve.

Evidently, while no one was looking, Ye Olde Gazz Editor, Douglas Imbrogno, got into the good margarine.

Zombie Casi, laughing politely even though she’s too young to get the Imperial Margarine joke in the previous photo caption.

Some of the Optioneers take over.

The crowd be diggin’ it.

The crowd really be diggin’ it.

Zombie Gypsy and Zombie Billy Mays depart Taylor Books and shamble down the street.