13445746_978159448965771_5386780099147685096_nIt’s time for yet another Wednesday filled with great programming on The AIR. Listen at the website or on this swell little radio widget…

Ar 1 PM we have a very special episode of On The Road with Mel that acts as a preview for ShockaCon, as Mel Larch interviews ShockaCon Special Agent, Penny Maple, about all the details surrounding the annual horror/sci-fi convention, which opens September 30 and has become a popular regional travel destination. You can also hear brand-new episodes of STUFF TO DO, Curtain Call and The Swing Shift, plus all of our other regular Wednesday programming. STUFF TO DO includes an exclusive song by The Irreplaceables, who play at The Blue Parrot Friday night.

Mel sat down for an interview with Penny Maple about ShockaCon at Taylor Books and got the lowdown on this year’s guests, panels, special events, vendors and also hotel packages and accomodations for convention attendees coming from out-of-town. This year the show will feature Zach Galligan from Gremlins, Camille Keaton from I Spit On Your Grave and Steve Johnson, the designer of Slimer from The Ghostbusters, along with an army of other iconic horror movie monsters.

ShockaCon 5 takes place at the Beni Kedem Shrine Center September 30 to October 2 this year, and you can find out all about it at their Facebook Page, their website and on this show. Many thanks to Taylor Books for letting us use their art gallery for our interview location. UPDATE: If you missed the initial airing of On The Road with Mel, you can listen to the ShockaCon episode on this little embedded player HERE

The rest of our schedule on The AIR is as follows:

11 AM  The Lynn Browder Show About Autism
Noon Curtain Call with Mel Larch Episode 004
1 PM On The Road With Mel “ShockaCon” NEW!
2 PM The Real with Mark Wolfe and Create WV
3 PM Curtain Call with Mel Larch Episode 006 NEW!
4 PM The Swing Shift Episode 005 NEW!
6 PM The Goon Show NEW!
7 PM The Best of Word Association with Lee and Rudy
8 PM Booster Pack
9 PM The Real with Mark Wolfe and Corruption of Conformity
10 PM The Gibby Hunters NEW!
11 PM The Comedy Vault

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