It’s time for the No Pants Players annual “Joytacular.”  This Christmas pageant with a demented edge kicks off Thursday night at 8 PM at the La Belle Theater, 311 D Street.  Unlike their usual shows, the Joytacular presents the No Pants Gang in written sketches, rather than the usual “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” game format.  This give the crew the chance to show off their considerable acting chops, as well as their sparkling dance moves.   Last year’s Joytacular was so funny that it made the Pope wet himself.  And he wasn’t even there at the time.  The funny traveled around the world and found him.

You can also participate in the Pants Drive for Covenant House.  Check their website for details. 

If You Go: The No Pants Players Joytacular runs November 29, and 30, and December 1 at the La Belle Theater, 311 D Street South Charleston, West Virginia.  Tickets are $12.