Okay, you’re not insane enough to venture into the post-apocolyptic retail environment this weekend.  Leave that for younger, needier, loopier cash-strapped  people in need of instant gratification.  There’s still plenty to do in town this weekend that doesn’t involve gettting up at 5 AM and punching grannies in the throat so you can get the last five-dollar Bratz doll.  You can fill your weekend with art, music and professional wrestling!

Today you can participate in the Art Walk, relocated from its usual Thursday spot due to the holiday.  You can read all about the various Art Walk events here, but a couple jump out at us, and PopCult will try to make it out to these. 

Before the official start of Art Walk, around 4 PM today at The Art Emporium You can take in their new exhibits while enjoying the music of RFC guests Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars (they appeared on episode 22 of RFC as “Aurora”).   I hear that Laura and Jonathon are doing a cover of The Beatles’ “I Want To Hold Your Hand” that I’m dying to hear.

Self-portrait by Rebecca BurchAround 5 PM The Purple Moon hosts an opening by Rebecca Burch, centered around her work “Play.” Rebecca is one of the more fascinating creators in town, working in mulitple media with intriguing results. We’re really looking forward to Rebecca’s exhibit, and the Purple Moon is one of the great galleries in this town.

If  you have the intestinal fortitude to venture into the automotive black hole that is the Southridge Shopping Center (or Dudley Farms, or whatever they’re calling our urban sprawl these days), you might want to head out to Joe Muggs in Books-A-Million tonight at 8 PM for a performance by The Synergy Collective.  We caught this acoustic blues fusion act last week at the Lighthouse Cafe, and were mightily impressed.  In addition to some fine music, the group also includes a dancer, and since they’re performing in a bookstore, you’ll have music, dancing, art, poetry and literature all in one place.  It’s culture out the wazoo!

Saturday morning, all the hip artsy folk will be headed up to The Art Store on Bridge Road for their annual post-Thanksgiving mega art deal blowout!  This is your chance to buy art by the bucketload at low prices.  Seriously, The Art Store offers great works by some of the area’s finest artists, and this is an incredible chance to score some world-class art at a bargain price.  True, it is shopping, but it’s civilized shopping, for cool stuff. Hang some of this art on your wall and you’ve got instant culture!

Of course, it’s not really culture unless somebody gets hurt.  Saturday is all about IWA East Coast and their day of tournaments at the South Charleston Community Center.   In the afternoon the Zero G High Flyer Tournament kicks off. An international assortment of the most exciting hyper-athletic professional wrestlers vie for the Zero G Cup, one of the most coveted prizes in all sports. 

In the evening, it’s time for the Masters Of Pain Invitational.  Eight of the most dangerous men on the planet direct their ultra-violent tendencies towards one another until only one is left.  Check the IWA EC website for details, directions and the full card.

Late Saturday night, once-and-future RFC guests The Concept will be performing at the Empty Glass with B Rude and Meuwl.  The guys in The Concept always put on a killer show, and if we’re not totally exhausted after an eighteen-hour-day of toddler-and-wrestler-watching, we might pop in.

Sunday WWE is coming to town with a Smackdown!/ECW show.  The only person I’d care to see out of the bunch is CM Punk, and I saw him in Huntington last year, so I’m skipping it. But if the mainstream TV wrestling is your bag, they’ll be at the Charleston Civic Center.

So you see, you don’t have to go throw yourselves to the lions of retail over the weekend.  You can go see, hear and do cool stuff. Then go Christmas shopping in a few weeks, when the retailers are in a panic and start slashing prices.