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su_mr_universe_van_inpackage_1Now on the shelves at Walmart at new McFarlane Construction Sets based the Cartoon Network hit show, Steven Universe, which was created by Emmy-nominated writer, storyboard artist, and New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Sugar.

Steven Universe is the coming-of-age story of a boy named Steven Universe and the “Crystal Gems”, a team of magical alien guardians who protect the Earth. Every episode finds Steven, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl in one incredible adventure after the next, protecting the planet and always finding a way to save the day. The show started out with a cult following, but quickly became one of Cartoon Network’s top-rated shows.

stevens-kitchenWith an engaging epic science fiction backstory, but terrific light-hearted characterization and adventures, Steven Universe has captured the imaginations of kids and adults. The show is both really funny and sweet while telling a fantastic world-threatening story about an alien invasion. Plus there’s music, too.

The first wave of Steven Universe Construction Sets from McFarlane Toys includes 6 different Construction Sets depicting iconic scenes and characters from the show. Figures included in each set feature articulation in the main joins and have swappable limbs for playful gene-splicing experiments and mayhem.

su_great_diamond_inpackage_1Smaller sets, which are discounted to a mere eight bucks, include “Arcade Mania” with Garnet; “The Great Diamond Authority Pillar” with Pearl; and Jailbreak with recent Crystal Gem addition, Peridot. Two larger sets, “Steven’s Kitchen” (with Amethyst) and “The Temple Door” (with Steven’s mother, Rose Quartz) can be had for $13.The biggest set, selling for $30, is Mr. Universe’s van, and comes with Steven Universe and his dad, Greg.

These are part of McFarlane Toys’ new wave of construction toys, unveiled at Toy Fair, are are compatible with other McFarlane sets, like those based on Rick and Morty and South Park, as well as other LEGO-style building toys.

The figures in these sets are good representations of the Steven Universe cartoon style, and they’re larger than most other building sets, standing around four inches each (on average), with good articulation and a strong sense of the show on which they’re based.

Fans of Steven Universe have been starved for quality toys that actually look like the cartoon, and these sets fill the bill. Here’s hoping the line continues so that we can get toys of the rest of the supporting cast, and maybe a set with Steven that doesn’t cost quite so much. Over all, Steven Universe looks like a winner.


arcade-mania su_jailbreak_inpackage_1 temple-door