week-schedule-9-11For one more week we still find ourself in the midst of Summer Rerun Season on The AIR.  Except for new episodes of Marking Out, Life Speaks to Michele Zirkle and The Third Shift, all of our regularly-scheduled programs will be presenting classic episodes until we unveil our NEW FALL SEASON on September 18!

We expect to have new episodes of ALL of our programs, including Radio Free Charleston, Curtain Call, The Swing Shift, Word Association with Lee & Rudy, Ska Madness, Prognosis, Sydney’s Big Electric Cat, Radio Coolsville, Beatles Blast and more, beginning September 18. Our listeners are really excited and you can listen for classic episodes of those shows this week at the website, or on this nifty embedded radio machine doohickey…

To the right you see a handy graphic listing our highlights for the coming week. In addition to those great shows, you can also expect:

Every Weekday

6 PM The New Music Show
6:30 PM The(BS)Crazy Show


7 PM  That Conversation with Patrick Felton (Guests are Penny Maple and Bob Wilkinson)
8 PM  The Real with Mark Wolfe (Guest is Your PopCulteer)
10 PM  Six Degress of Separation (Guest is Sean Richardson)


9 AM & 5 PM Radio Coolsville
8 PM Big Electric Cat
10 PM Radio Free Charleston
11 PM RFC International


5 PM Audio Playhouse
7:30 PM Word Association with Lee & Rudy
8 PM Prognosis
10 PM Marking Out
11 PM The Comedy Vault


7 PM The Swing Shift
8 PM Curtain Call


9 AM Morning Talk Shows
8 PM Marking Out
10 PM RFC International

Check it out, folks, because next week we have ALL NEW EPISODES!