Above you see an alternate episode of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, which ran online only three weeks ago. That week, his HBO show covered a topic about home ownership, but since he figured that nobody under the age of 35 will ever be able to own a home, he created an alternate episode for younger viewers, which was not aired on HBO, about Chuck E. Cheese, the kids pizza palace.

He covers the history of the company, the controversies, the decidely non-family-friendly content in some of the shows and the bizarre way the company was taken over by Showtime Pizza, which as a result, had to jettison their own robot band of musical mascots, The Rock A Fire Explosion. You’ll get the full story of Chuck E.’s evolution from nasty rat to gormless mouse, and all the crazed depcitions of the character along the way.

And he does this all with his trademark not-safe-for-work, absolutely hilarious delivery. And I felt compelled to share it here because it’s that damned good.  Set aside half an hour and prepare yourself to laugh out loud.