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The RFC Flashback: Episode Twenty-Three

Radio Free Charleston’s 23rd episode was a major departure. Delayed more than a month from its intended debut due to the death of my aunt, this episode featured the reunion of The Feast Of Stephen, who hadn’t played together in 14 years when we managed to corral them all in the studio on May 12, 2007. This was nearly sixteen years ago, so it’s been longer since this reunion than it had been before.

It was a magic night as Bob Miller, Joey Fabulous, John Radcliff, Dan Jordan, Tommy Medvick and Fred Tyler came together to play music for the sheer joy of it. The energy at LiveMix Studio that night was amazing, and I still rank this show among my best work.

This show has become bittersweet to watch after the deaths of Tommy Medvick and Jerry Fugate, but it’s a great way to remember our fallen friends.

This was a four-camera shoot, with Jerry Fugate joining me on handheld, in addition to our two stationary cameras. Melanie was busy with tech week for the WVSO production of “Carmen.” There were good times.Original production notes are HERE.

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  1. Joe Vallina

    What a great night! Can’t believe Tommy and Jer are no longer here with us. RIP dudes.

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