toylanta-header-2-29In five days your PopCulteer will be at ToyLanta, the new name for JoeLanta and The Great Atlanta Toy Convention.  With the addition of BotLanta last year, a shorter name was needed, and ToyLanta is it. In the clip above you can see the wrap-up for last year’s show.

This brisk half-hour looks at the many facets of ToyLanta: The custom figures; the dioramas; the toy dealers; the music; the panels, the film festival, the parachute drop and more! We are thrilled to have this video onine now, instead of taking eight months to produce it like we did last year. Over the next week PopCult will bring you more videos from last year’s ToyLanta as we count down to this year’s big event.

In the above video you will see amazing toys, toy soldiers parachuting fifteen floors indoors, a musical blue gorilla, panelists from around the world and even Larry Hama, the creator of GI Joe: A Real American Hero, singing and playing guitar. We also bring you soundbites from some of the organizers, dealers, and attendees.

ToyLanta happens every March in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit for early details on how you can be part of the coolest toy show in the South. For timely updates, check out their Facebook page.