Our buddies from New York, Frenchy and the Punk, will be coming to The Empty Glass Wednesday to perform songs from their brand-new CD. Also on the bill is Huntington’s Qiet, so it should make for a wild night of original music, and the RFC crew will be on hand. Our video tonight is RFC 143, which focused on Frenchy and the Punk during a summer, 2011 visit. Wednesday night could well be the show of the year, and you can get a taste of Frenchy and the Punk here.

You will get an andditonal taste of the band this week on Radio Free Charleston 173, where we will bring you an unseen performance from Frenchy and the Punk’s last visit to The Empty Glass, along with new music from The Nanker Phelge and Amand Bridgette, plus a ilarious outtake from Felix Baumgartner’s Space Dive. Look for RFC 173, “Calvin The Spiffy Spaceman Shirt,” Monday night in PopCult.