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Sunday Evening Video: Kentuckiana GI Joe Toy Show 2022

Above you see our video wrap-up of the 2022 Kentuckiana GI Joe Toy Expo from last weekend. Set to YouTube-friendly background music, you’ll see the people, the toys, the custom figures and dioramas and more, just like last year.

This year I just turned Mel loose with the camera and instructions to shoot short clips of anything that looked really cool. I used almost everything she caught on video in this 14-minute clip.

You’ll get to see lots of collectors buying lots of cool toys and having a blast doing it.

We had a great time and I want to thank Steve Stovall and the Kentuckiana crew for putting on such a wonderful show.

Because we’re still dealing with graphic limitations here at PopCult, I’m including some still photos below. There should be a couple more photo essays coming you way soon, including a look at the new Super Joe Unlimited figures which will be coming soon!

I call ths one “Still Life With Choppers and Space Capsules.”

Every time I tried to get a photo of the booth for the charity cosplay group, The Finest, the guy manning the booth ran out of the shot. I think he might be related to Mel.

Immaculately restored, customized and upgraded vintage Joes, by The Pawtucket Platoon.

The ultra-rare GI Nurse, with a full diorama, including patient. Another Pawtucket Platoon production.

I may not have gotten as many photos of the little guys, but there was plenty of stuff for collectors of the Real American Hero GI Joe.

Here’s a better look at Tearle Ashby’s repro box for one of the rarest GI Joe vehicles, plus his repro flotation collar for the Space Capsule (A Sears exclusive, back in the day).

A kid-sized ride-on RAH toy.

And we leave you with proof that the current GI Joe: Classified line was well-represented. More photos of Kentuckiana are coming to PopCult soon.

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Looks like this was a great show! Obviously very pleased to see the 3 3/4″ and Classified lines well-represented.

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