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Even More Stuff from Kentuckiana 2022.

Your PopCulteer has been  slow posting photos from this year’s Kentuckiana GI Joe & Toy Expo , and I apologize for that.  Today we’re going to bring you another small batch of images from the show, and there will be at least one more photo essay next week.  You can see our first photo essay HERE and our video with another photo essay HERE.

Sadly, a technical glitch (a bad SD Card this time) wiped out the last twenty photos I took, which included close-ups of Super Joe Unlimited prototypes and much of the custom figures, but I’ll be havesting images from the video for our next photo essay, so all is not lost.

This is part three of what we saw. PopCult will have at least one more 2022 Kentuckianua GI Joe & Toy Expo photo essay next week.

There were plenty of more recent GI Joe toys on hand.

And there were also tons of rare, boxed sets from the glory days of the 12″ action figures.

This vendor had tons of vintage goodness.

And there were lots of non-GI Joe figures at the show, too.

You can’t go wrong with Golden Age comics and monsters!

A very cool lucite-encased diorama, one of the few custom contest photos that survived the SD card going bad.

Chuck Chiriaco with his incredible custom figure, Bakshassa. We first saw this guy and met Chuck at ToyLanta, and this figure still blows our mind.

Chuck’s entry into the custom figure contest was a mystical Rasputin, who was floating over a vanquished foe. Sadly our SD card died before he had the completed scene assembled, but Rasputin is pretty darn cool by himself.

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Some great stuff at this show, clearly! And I have the diver that was used in that one diorama. His name’s Deep Six, and that was a mail-order version of him, although I think the helmet is different. Very cool!

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