sharedimage-65338It’s concert time in Sunday Evening Video, as we take you to a recent show by a band that ruled the UK at the height of the Second Wave Ska movement in England. This is more than an hour of Madness at The House of Common, a show they put on to promote the release of their latest album, Can’t Touch Us Now, in late 2016.

Madness are most famous here in the US for their giant hit, “Our House,” and had minor hits with a few more tunes, like their cover of “It Must Be Love.” The band spent a few years in the wilderness, but reformed in 1992 for live shows, and began releasing highly acclaimed new albums in 1996. Recent reunions have seen at least six of the seven original members of the band participating, with an open-door policy regarding members who step away for a while. Suggs remains the ever-present frontman.

While the band are considered original Two-Tone Ska heroes, their music veered into more of a British rock sound, in the vein of prime-era Kinks, early on. They still remain a powerhouse band with a memorable sense of humor.Enjoy the show!