rudyEpisode 121 of Radio Free Charleston, “Thrilling Detective Shirt,” hails from February, 2011. This installment of RFC featured a double-dose of Beaver Knievel, a quick blast of folk/punk stomp from Dennis Hopper’s Army, plus vintage animation from Frank Panucci in addition to a visit from Robot Commando.

Host segments were shot at Haddad Riverfront Park, and the show’s title shirt comes to us courtesy of Retro A Go Go.  Before we jump into the show proper, just know this: Robot Commando wants to help you. He really does.

Opening and closing the show, musically, this time is Beaver Knievel. You heard them last week in episode 120, running through the song “Get Loose” during a soundcheck. This week you get to hear them tear up the whole song. They also kick in with “I’m You’re Man.”

We shot Beaver Knievel at The Blue Parrot, and this was one of the rare nights when we had the late Johnny Rock running camera, with Lee Harrah and yours truly on the other two. The band was a bit of a local supergroup, and has since seen some of its members return to their previous bands.

Our other music guest was Dennis Hopper’s Army, performing their original “Used To Sing.” This is another group that’s not performing together anymore, but members of the band are still active in the local music and arts scence.

Our animation is a film my brother produced as a child prodigy. Watch The Mugger and discover why his teachers trembled in fear.