The Charleston Light Opera Guild production of “The Color Purple” is an unqualified success. You can read a great review of it here, if the Gazette hasn’t hidden it behind a non-working registration page like they have for me. You have two more weekends to see this stunning musical. We were lucky to get to bring you rehearsal footage from the show in Radio Free Charleston 157, and tonight we have bonus coverage. First up, in the clip above, you’ll see Janelle Williams as Celie, singing “I’m Here,” which we had running under the credits on RFC.

After that, you’ll get to see the whole cast perform “The Color Purple.” We recorded this the same night, but couldn’t fit it into the show. Here it is for your enjoyment. I hope this convinces some of you to come see The Color Purple” May 11, 12, 18 and 19 at 7:30 PM, or May 13 at 3 PM at The Charleston Civic Center Little Theater.  Check the CLOG  website for more details.