After a less-than-relaxing holiday weekend (due to fireworks), how about we take it easy with some progressive jazz-rock, courtesy of ace drummer, Bill Bruford, and his friends who made up the group, “Bruford;” Jeff Berlin, Allan Holdsworth, Dave Stewart (not the Dave Stewart from The Eurythmics, but the other Dave Stewart who was in National Health and Stewart & Gaskin) and vocalist, Annette Peacock.. This brief concert is from 1979.

This band formed around the core of Bruford and Holdsworth, and performed together before and after the pair had a short sting with prog-rock supergroup UK.

This fusion concert is easy to listen to without being “easy listening.” It’s four amazing musicians at the top of their game. The music is challenging, but not difficult. Bll Bruford retired from performing live in 2009, and earned his Phd. in music at the University of Surrey. You can find his recent books on music theory, reissues of his music and much more at his website. Dave Stewart has made music with Barbara Gaskin since 1981, and has written several books on music theory. Jeff Berlin is one of the most acclaimed fusion bass players of the last four decades. Allan Holdsworth, one of the most influential guitarists of all time, passed away in 2017.