This week we are revisiting a Sunday Evening Video from seven years ago. At the time, Charleston had a very promising Burlesque scene, and sadly, due to a myriad of reasons, the pandemic not being least among them, at the moment we don’t seem to have any Burlesque scene at all. I’m hoping this changes soon, and I know some fine folks have been planning so that our little town is once more blessed with the Burly-Q. When it happens I will tell you all about it here in PopCult.  In case you’re not familiar with Burlesque, tonight’s videos are a quick primer.

Burlesque is an art form. It doesn’t get the respect that it deserves because some people just can’t manage to see beyond the stripping-nekkid aspect of it, and miss the finer nuances of acting, story-telling, dance, costuming and performance art. Tonight we’re going to bring you a classic clip of Betty Page (above) so you can see a true legend in action.

Below we’re going to show you one of our own clips from 2014, with “Boylesque” dancer, Leo Tuxedo of Wayward BurlyQ, showing how Burlesque can be a form of political commentary. Both of these clips should be safe-ish for work, but maybe you’d better watch them at home, just to be sure.