Radio Free Charleston’s ninety-fifth episode, “Glen Brogan’s Visible Grimace Shirt,” is this week’s Flashback to March, 2010.

This episode of RFC showcases new music from Eva Elution and vintage music from Mother Nang. We also had our usual animation and mind-hurting weirdness. Plus we revisited the very first 60 Second Art Show, featuring the art of Felix Krasyk, on the occasion of his passing.

Of the contributors to this show, Eva Elution has disbanded, but their spirit lives on in Farnsworth, who seem to be gearing up for a return to the music scene. The members of Mother Nang: Spencer Elliott, Brian Young, Deron Sodaro and Jay Lukens are all still making new music in different bands. And the artist of our namesake shirt, Glen Brogan, has just seen the publication of the second edition of his book of art, which you can find HERE.

Read the original production notes HERE.