Last June, when I posted over thirty of the early episodes of Radio Free Charleston here in PopCult, I missed one. While these shows had been removed from the Gazette servers due to space issues, one of them seemed to have been removed from existence entirely. Appropriately enough, it was episode 13. The show was a great one–with music from The Concept and Martyranny’s Collective Pulse, plus animation and a disturbing puppet show from Frank Panucci. I also horribly mis-pronounce the name of one of the bands during the entire show! Add to that host segments where I wore a vintage T-shirt from a Shepardstown alternative band of the late 1980s, World Without Fear, and you have a pretty loaded episode of RFC..

Last week, while in the midst of having three (count ’em, three) external hard drives fail (two have been resurrected so that the data can be rescued) I discovered all the raw files necessary to reconstruct this lost episode. There’s a new introduction, and I had to guess at the interstitial bits, but I’m betting this is a 95% accurate recreation of our first show for 2007. You see the restored version of RFC 13 at the top of this post (or at this link, if all you see is goofy code). You can read the original production notes at this link. Next week’s Sunday Evening Videos will bring you two very special episodes from 2008.