We first brought you this lost classic and extremely fun monster movie seven years ago in Sunday Evening Video, but that version of the video has been taken private and is no longer available. However, it has been re-uploaded to YouTube by the Creatures Features crew with additional horror host segments that make it even more fun that it was originally.

Thanks to Creature Features, we get to enjoy Vincent and Tangella as they watch Vincent Price star in “The Monster Club” from 1981, which offers up just the right mix of scary and goofy.

Actually, it’s way more goofy than scary, but The Monster Club is still loads of fun, with Price singing, plus appearances by John Carradine, Donald Pleasence and Britt Ekland, Is undeservedly obscure. It’s basically a horror anthology with a monster’s party as the framing device for three short horror tales.

A trivia note: This film was the only time that Vincent Price played a vampire in a full-length movie. Bonus obscurity is that the music in the film is provided by The Pretty Things and a pre-fame UB40 among others.