Yeah, there’s a bunch of ’em this week. Above you see Radio Free Charleston episodes 54 and 55, which were our two-part Halloween special in 2008.

Radio Free Charleston Horror Theater was an ambitious attempt at recreating the cheesy horror movie-host vibe, only with short films and music videos instead of actual movies. Host segments were shot at the late, lamented LiveMix Studio. We had lots of great folks on hand with the host segments and some terrific musical guests as well.

Part one of RADIO FREE CHARLESTON HORROR THEATER features music from Doctor Senator and The Hellblinki Sextet, plus a short film about Jack The Ripper, vintage animation from Wladislaw Starewicz, excerpts from a film by Spike Nesmith, and loads and loads of extra-creepy-coolness.

Part Two of RADIO FREE CHARLESTON HORROR THEATER continues our tribute to old-time-TV horror movie hosts. We’ve got music videos from Under The Radar and Go Van Gogh, a short ghost film by Rich Allen, scary-freaky animation from Wladislaw Starewicz, plus a studio full of Zombies. You can find combined production notes HERE.

This remastered version combines them both into one 37-minute show. The sequel episode from the following April Fool’s Day can be seen right here…

For the production notes for this episode, which originally ran on April Fool’s Day the following year, go HERE.

As a bonus, we also have episode 55,5, which was guerilla filmmaking at its finest. The entire episode was shot, edited and posted in record time. You can read about it HERE.