tumblr_lycbgg7yrY1qcajsho1_400A children’s classic, written by Harry Nilsson, The Point is a fable about a boy named Oblio, the only round-headed person in the Pointed Village, where by law everyone and everything had to have a point. It’s a lovely little parable about tolerance and acceptance.

When the film first aired on American television, it was narrated by Dustin Hoffman. That’s the version I saw as a kid, and it’s what I’ve posted above. Later versions replaced Hoffman’s voice (due to contractual reasons) with Alan Thicke and Alan Barzman before Nilsson’s buddy, Ringo Starr was brought in to record the version that’s commercially available today.

But here is The Point, as it was originally in 1971, directed by Fred Wolf of Murakami-Wolf and narrated by Dustin Hoffman.