As longtime readers may know, I have been slowly (very slowly) restoring this blog since I moved it out from under the auspices of The Charleston Gazette-Mail. One of the latest posts I fixed was from 2014, and it was the movie, Gorgo, the video of which had been taken down by YouTube shortly after. It has since resurfaced, but instead of expecting you to wander back seven years in my archives, I’m bringing it to you once again here, as well as in the archives.

In 2013 I reviewed a very nice collection of comics by Steve Ditko that were based on the 1961 monster movie, Gorgo. The consensus is that the comics are way better than the movie, which was a British-made cheesy knockoff of Godzilla.

Now you can see for yourself as we present the entire movie, here in PopCult. It’s a good way to kick off the Halloween season which I’ll be stretching out here in the blog for the next few weeks.