Above you see the music video for last week’s Winterfest Toy Show in Louisville, put on by our friends at The Kentuckiana GI Joe Toy Expo.  The music comes courtesy of Sgt. Van and the Highway Dogs. In this video you will hear the tunes: “325,” “Strange Ride” and “Dancing Feets.”

Because Sgt. Van was kind enough to allow us to use his music for this video, I’m returning the favor and sharing his brand-new promo video for his latest release here. It’s a snippet of “Nothing Can Hold Me Down,” which you will hear Tuesday on Radio Free Charleston.

As if that second video wasn’t bonus enough, we have another dozen photos from the show for you…

The Paraquet Springs Conference Center, where the fun all happened.

I think I explained that your humble blogger and his wife were under the weather at the show last week, which is why I only got this profile shot of Steve Stovall,  the show’s organizer, and the man behind Adventure Commando (FKA Super Joe Unlimited). I had to pick up the cool Abominal Snowman set.

There were nekkid fellers as far as the eye could see.

Even if it was stuff you didn’t collect, it was cool to see so much vintage toy coolness.

Amazing self-restraint kept these from coming home with me.

This guy had a little bit of everything. I loved seeing so much MEGO at the show.

Mattsquatch Customs, whose work is all over the video this year. I got his Glacier Explorer set.

It wasn’t all Joe and Action Figures. There was some primo vintage Barbie at the show, if you knew where to look.

On the opposite side of the cool AT sets I showed you Wednesday, we find a ton of GI Joe: Classified.

All the tanks in the world.

There was plenty of Modern GI Joe stuff for sale.

We leave you with a rear view of the Inflatable Ghost Tank from Greg Autore. Sometime in the next week or two I will tell you all about this project, once I touch base with Greg for more details.