Actually, I don’t really want any candy at the moment. After my trip to CJ Buckets in Saint Clairsville, Ohio, a couple of weeks ago, I’m pretty well stocked-up on candy for the next month or so.

However, having all this candy in the house has me wondering how some of it was made. So this evening we’re going to look at a few of the thousands of videos on the YouTube about how they make these wonderous sweet treats that bring smiles, happiness and Type 2 Diabetes to kids of all ages

I’m going to toss in a mix of well-kinown and obscure candy, just to preserve the random nature of this week’s collection of sweet videos.  You can think of it as an unlabelled assortment of surprises. Just don’t take a bite, then put it back in the box because you don’t like the filling.

That’s just gross.

More candy videos below the jump…