This week we flash back to September, 2013 for the second of our RFC MINI SHOWs. This episode features two songs by local metal legends, Zeroking, recorded at the ECMC Kick Cancer benefit show that happened Summer 2013 at The Eagles Club on Charleston’s West Side. Zeroking made their debut on RFC 189, and we banked a couple of extra songs by them to use as our second MINI SHOW.

This was an interesting in the history of Radio Free Charleston. I had decided to start The RFC MINI SHOW as a stopgap to delay our 200th episode because I couldn’t pull together any big special plans in the short time before that milestone was rapidly approaching.  The plan was to alternate between the shows so that I could bring out something every week. Because my plans often go awry, we blew that schedule two weeks into it. To make up for it, we dropped this show, and then one day later we released the third RFC MINI SHOW, which you will see in this space next week.