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Sunday Evening Videos: Mika, By Pretty Monkey Studio

Sunday Evening Videos return with a music video interpretation of Mika’s song,”Toy Boy,” by Pretty Monkey Studio, a “bunch of students from Berlin who love videogames and animation.” To see the video, you have to follow the “read more” link, so that we don’t fry the Gazzblog layout. You can check out their website here. Also on the other side of the jump you can see their custom videos for songs from The Killers and Slumdog Millionaire.


  1. Min

    Tried to comment on your 3-24-08 post about your refrigerator but comments are closed. Wondering what kind of paint you used on the fridge and how it is holding up? Thanks.

  2. Rudy Panucci

    Actually I didn’t use paint. Those were two sets of vinyl cling stickers that I found at Dollar Tree. As I write this, they’re still sticking tight, with no color fading.

  3. Min

    Oh. Thanks anyway…

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