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Sunday Evening Videos: Russian Crooning And Jeff Ellis On RFC.

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This week’s video was recommended by little Frankie Panucci, age seven, of South Hills. It’s a darling performance by a wonderful crooner from Russian television. It’s amazing the things you can pick up from that Sputnik thing.

After the jump, you’ll find one of our archived episodes of Radio Free Charleston.  Episode 68 features music from Jeff Ellis (coming to The Empty Glass this Thursday) and Marcie Bullock, plus The RFC Financial Report and “Cuticles,” who are due to to return soon. Look for a review of Jeff’s new CD next week in PopCult.

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  1. Elvis Capone

    That Russian thing has the original audio, but somebody substituted some weird video to go with it.

    Hey, the democrats just passed health care! Is that why there’s a government truck backed up to the house and an armed soldier goon demanding all my protein? His face is painted silver.

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