80173692We have two topical videos for you this week. If you are not local and don’t read or watch the news, you probably should know that Charleston, West Virginia and the surrounding area are facing a water crisis, with “Do Not Use” orders in place for all tap water for 300,000 residents, with no timeline for a return of non-poisoned water service. This is all due to a leak at a coal industry-affiliated chemical plant that for some reason was allowed to operate less than two miles upstream from our water system’s intake.

Bars and restaurants are shut down, the music scene is on hold. And once again, West Virginia makes international news in an embarrassing and negative manner.

RFC contributor Jake Fertig has created a quick editorial cartoon that expresses a lot of the frustration over this.

And we also have an all-star song from the movie “Water,” which has a most ironic title.

“Water” is a pretty odd little movie about the battle for water rights in a fictional Carribean Island nation. In the above clip you’ll find Michael Caine, Billy Connelly, Jimmy Cliff, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Valerie Perrine,  and Jimmy “JJ” Walker.  You’ll also hear a snippet of Eddy Grant’s theme song, too.

Turns out that when it comes to water, we maybe DON’T want “Freedom.”