img_1763The annual Rod Run Doo Wop car show and Kanawha Boulevard-closing spectacular is not happening this year. If it had, it would have begun a few days ago, and would be wrapping up this weekend. 2020 has been the worst year in most people’s lives, and part of what has made it suck so hard is that so many of our special events have had to be canceled due to the pandemic.

Compounding the major suckiness of this horrible year was the death this past summer of Super Dooper Charlie Cooper, one of the guidling lights of The annual Rod Run Doo Wop car show. A Drive-through Drive-in, stretching from Hurricane to Charleston happened Saturday in Charlie’s memory, and that was as close as we got to having a classic car show this year.

However, we do have a couple of PopCult videos that captured the sights and sounds of The Rod Run Doo Wop car show from previous years, and we’re re-presenting them here to maybe take a bit of the sting out of this year’s show not happening. That’s why our videos for tonight are from 2013 and 2014. Those were both great years for attending the show and your PopCulteer took his handy cameras out to document the excessive automotive madness back in his video-prolific, pre-Myasthenia Gravis days..

Above is the 2013 video. Below is 2014. Hopefully the Rod Run will be able to return next year.