Longtime readers of PopCult probably remember Douglas John Imbrogno as the former editor at The Charleston Gazette who hired yours truly to write this blog over a decade-and-a-half ago. Doug’s latest project is WestVirginiaville, which describes itself thusly, “WESTVIRGINIAVILLE is a selective & opinionated guide to some of the best writing, photography, video, and news on the life and times of West Virginia.”

One of Doug’s collaborators on this entertaining and informative website is Bobby Lee Messer of MesserMedia in Huntington WV. Together they have created some great videos of interest to those of us who love living in West Virginia, despite not always being proud of our fellow West Virginians. We’re going to look at three recent WestVirginiaVille videos tonight.

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This first video by The Justice Project of WestVirginiaVille.com drops-by for a visit with Sam Petsonk, a West Virginia attorney who is challenging WV Attorney General Patrick Morrisey in the 2020 election. It’s mixed with a live version of “The West Virginia Hills” with Petsonk on banjo and vocals and Randy Gilkey on guitar and vovals.

Next up we have THE SILENT SENATOR: A WestVirginiaVille.com JUSTICE PROJECT Video originally posted October  18.2020 . While waiting on WV Senator Shelley Moore Capito to do the right thing—not just mouth the right thing—you might notice your hair turn another color and not from dye. So, WestVirginiaVille points its second Justice Project editorial video her way.

Finally, with the caveat that this video contain offensive words, we go back to nine days ago for the debut of WestVirginiaVille’s multimedia editorial feature, The Justice Project, wherein they take a musical walk-through of the chatroom comments that led disgraced former West Virginia delegate John Mandt Jr., to resign. He has since said he’d serve if elected on Nov. 3, 2020. See the related story HERE.

Be sure to sign up for WestVirginiaVille‘s mailing list. The world of media is changing at a rapid pace, as old business models stop working, and new ways of delivering journalism to the masses are starting to sprout up organically with the influx of new technology. We’re entering a whole new world, and WestVirginiaVille is a great way to keep up with our corner of it.