Tonight The ShockaCon12038833_831366193645098_1420655730692955962_o Horror Show takes a walk on the wild side with two Walkers from The Walking Dead. Moses J. Mobley, one of Michonne’s Pets, and Jeremy Ambler, the Mountain State’s own walker, talk about Zombie School and answer questions about what it’s like being on the most successful show on television.

You can listen to The ShockaCon Horror Show right on this here widget [Click to listen] or at Voices Of Appalachia.

ShockaCon 4 happens September, 18, 19 and 20 at The Beni Kedem Shrine Center on Quarrier Street in Charleston (between The Charleston Civic Center and The Fifth Quarter). This year’s guests include Bai Ling, Ari Lehman (the first “Jason”), plus TV stars from American Horror Story, The Walking Dead and Mountain Monsters. There will also be vendors, musicians, magicians, cosplayers and even burlesque.

Until September 17, every weeknight by 9 PM,  PopCult and at Voices of Appalachia will present The ShockaCon Horror Show, presenting archival material from previous editions of Charleston’s premiere Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy convention.  Tomorrow The ShockaCon Horror Show wraps up for this year with a special preview of ShockaCon 2015. This episode is so good that we’re going to post it at 1 AM Thursday, so that you can listen to it all day long to get in the mood for ShockaCon.