Image1RFCv3 #36

This week the theme for both hours of the Radio Free Charleston Podcast is ‘Ten years of Popcult.” We’re going to bring you two hours of music that was featured in The PopCult Blog, RFC’s home base, to mark the tenth anniversary of PopCult on August 28. All of the music in this show was featured in PopCult, either as part of Radio Free Charleston, as stand-alone songs or videos or is music that we reviewed.

NAR log 003You will hear the stories behind these songs and some hints at why they were included in this show.  Also included is some music that was was created especially for PopCult by RFC host, Rudy Panucci.

For the time being, Radio Free Charleston V3 is operating as a podcast, hosted at Voices of Appalachia.  We hope to get the streaming service back online soon.

You can listen to the show in this widget HERE or look us up over in the VOA archives.

The Playlist:

Opening track: The Panucci Brothers  Dancing Midget Spider-man Fantasia

Whistlepunk–“Vampire Love Song”
The Sleeping Dons–“Story of the Coyote People”
Stephen Beckner–“Falling Star”
Eduardo Canelon–“Y Musica Canelon”

Rudy Panucci  “Bush Thoughts”
Rudy Panucci “Stompy”
John Estep  “Cold Turkey”
Stars on RFC  “Godawful Beatles Medley”

Three Bodies  “Shingles and Tar”
Hasil Adkins  “Maybelline”
Appalachian Celtic Consort  “Dear Lady”
The HeyDays  “I Never Slept With Alan Ginsburg”

Raymond Wallace  “Champagne Charlie”
Under The Radar  “Me, The Boys and Jack”
Rudy Panucci  “March of the Stilted Elephants”
Rudy Panucci “Jazz Sketch”

Three Bodies  “Gardens of Hope”
Wolfgang Parker  “The Father, The Son”
Feast of Stephen  “Bankrobber”
Feast of Stephen “Mystery Hole”

Comparsa “Reggae It’s All Good”
Dog Soldier  “Christmas Song”
Casi Null  “Blue Haze”
Sasha Colette, John Lilly, Jonathan Wood  “Walking Cane”

Johnny “Hurricane” Compton  “True Colors”
The Bible Beaters  “Praise Jesus”
Scrap Iron Pickers  “Swamp Thing”

The Concept “Guitar Pick in my Kool Aid”