RFC 22" Shark Boy Shirt from RFC Archives on Myspace.

rfc22thumbFrom June, 2007, making its return to PopCult after being missing in action for quite some time, we have episode 22 of Radio Free Charleston. In this edition of the show we featured a wild music video from Voices Of Anatole, a breezy acoustic duet from Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen(then known as “Aurora”), hilarious computer animation from my brother Frank Panucci, plus The No Pants Players ate a watermelon.

RFC 22 is called “Shark Boy Shirt,” named after the shirt I bought from Shark Boy himself at the IWA East Coast show, “Skate Or Die” in early 2007.  The host segments were shot on the banks of the mighty Kanawha River, near the Dunbar bridge.You can read the original production notes HERE.