PopCult Note: Readers who have been paying close attention may notice that we have skipped an episode of the show in our chronological presentation of every episode of Radio Free Charleston. The show that would have run in this space will show up in three weeks, and it’ll make perfect sense. Trust us.

montage41athumbThis week we head back to April, 2008, for “IWA East Coast Shirt,” the forty-first edition of our show. This music-packed show featured A Place Of Solace, Holden Caulfield, and from Nashville, special guests The Coal Men, who crashed at Stately Radio Free Charleston Manor one night after performing at The Empty Glass.

We also had an announcement from The Concept, and a short burst of animation from my brother Frank.  I hosted from Davis Park, using a real microphone for the first time on the show. It made a difference, and that ten-dollar mic that I bought at Sun Electronics back in the early 1990s is still part of the RFC production arsenal.

I’m not sure about The Coal Men, but every other group on this show, and Sun Electronics too, have either broken up or fallen off the face of the Earth.  Read the original production notes HERE.