mike-001One of the highlights of JoeLanta (now ToyLanta) each year is the ridiculously epic and gargantuan 1/6 scale diorama built by Mike Gardner. This year is no different, as Mike took on the entire Marvel Universe with an amazing “Avengers Assemble” diorama.

This mini photo essay is just a taste. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Mike’s work in the coming days. The diorama itself is a huge creation that cannot be fully appreciated in photo form. You really need to see it in person. You could stare for hours and still find new details every few minutes.

At the head of this post you see the first of three pictures of the diorama in the process of being assembled. The final three images are close looks at the finished product. We’re going to go in-depth on this next week.

ToyLanta is the new name for JoeLanta and The Great Atlanta Toy Convention. It is open to the public Saturday and Sunday at the Marriott Century Center in Atlanta Georgia. PopCult is here and will be documenting the event in video and pictures over the next week or two.